It's 2018 - Have you retested your Radon Levels?

Your home should be considered one of the safest places for your family. That may not be the case if your home contains high levels of radon. Even if you've tested in the past, it may be time to test again. You should retest every few years to ensure the levels are within the safe levels, especially if you are in a developing area. As ground is broken and earth is shifted, new radon pockets can be exposed. Even as old houses settle, radon can still become an issue. Call us today for more information.

Daycare Testing now available!

Let's face it. Our kids are our most important asset. We want them safe and healthy and now the government is acting on that. As of 2013, all Daycare providers are required to do radon testing every 3 years. We are fully licensed to test both Home and Commercial Daycares in all areas of Illinois. Contact us today and get tested to keep our children healthy and happy!

What is Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas found in the soil in Northern Illinois. It enters homes wherever the home is in contact with the ground. As we have improved insulation and worked to reduce energy costs in homes over the past 40 years, we have created an environment where radon concentrations have gone up since this gas is now trapped inside of the home. Most homeowners are unaware of the radon gas levels in their home and a very high percentage of homes in Northern Illinois need to be repaired. If you are a Real Estate Agent, you know that radon issues often occur after a purchase and sale agreement has been signed and before the closing. This frequently is a time when the schedule is tight and all parties are anxious to know about anything that might hold up the closing. And, since radon is a safety issue, it is much more likely to require resolution before the closing as opposed to simply an allowance at closing.



IEMA Bureau of Nuclear Facility Safety License # RNI2007206


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